What is Emer-Clad Facade?

Emer-Clad Facade is a high performance water based decorative, protective and waterproof facade coating. It is highly flexible and has excellent resistance to aggressive elements such as UV, chloride ions and carbonation attack

Is Emer-Clad Facade a waterproofing membrane?

Emer-Clad Facade dries to form an aesthetically pleasing waterproof protective coating on vertical surfaces. For a total waterproofing solution on horizontal surfaces such as balconies, terraces and rooftops, use in conjunction with Emer-Proof waterproofing membranes. You can find information on the Emer-Proof range here.

Do you need to prime a previously painted surface before using Emer-Clad Facade?

If the existing coating is acrylic and in good, sound condition, it only requires cleaning prior to the application of Emer-Clad Facade. Any areas that are flaking or peeling should be taken back to a sound substrate and the Emer-Clad SB Primer should be used to spot prime these areas prior to application of the Emer-Clad Facade.

Emer-Clad Primer WB says it is suitable for plywood, does this include all types of timber?

Yes, for bare timber Emer-Clad Primer WB is a suitable primer. However, when priming treated timbers, you will need to ensure they do not repel water with the types of treatments that are used to preserve them. A water bead test should be performed to confirm whether the substrate will repel the Emer-Clad Primer WB or not.

What Emer-Clad primer is suitable for new polystyrene architraves and corbels?

Emer-Clad Primer WB is the recommended primer for use with polystyrene architraves and corbels. Do not use solvent based primers as these can dissolve the polystyrene.

Can you paint over Emer-Clad Facade?

Yes, you can paint over Emer-Clad Facade, provided it is with a flexible water based acrylic coating.

Can you spray Emer-Clad Facade?

Yes, you can spray apply Emer-Clad Facade. Suitable spray equipment includes the Graco 795 or Graco 1095 airless running at 3000 psi and utilising a 19 thou or 21 thou spray tip.

Where do I use the Emer-Clad Reinforcement Tape?

You can use the Emer-Clad Reinforcement Tape for wall and floor junctions, over cracks, and anywhere else you wish to add tensile strength to the Emer-Clad Facade coating.

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