Emer-Clad Primer Solvent Based

Emer-Clad Primer Solvent Based



Emer-Clad Primer SB is a solvent-based quick drying sealer with extremely good penetrating properties on absorbent or poorly bound surfaces. Formulated to bind and reinforce powdery, chalking paint and to penetrate and seal absorbent surfaces to provide a sound base for subsequent acrylic coatings.

  • Provides excellent penetrating properties on porous substrates

  • Suitable for aged and weathered paintwork

  • Quick drying

Where to use Emer-Clad SB Solvent Based Primer

  • Dry concrete/masonry

  • Sound painted dry concrete/masonry

  • Flaky painted dry concrete/masonry

  • Fibro (cement sheeting)

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Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet