Introducing Emer

Protecting Australian buildings for over 50 years, Emer offers complete waterproofing, decorative and protective coating system solutions for commercial and residential use.

The Emer range includes:

Emer-Patch - A range of concrete repair products for various vertical, overhead and trafficable applications.

Emer-Seal - A high performance joint sealant range incorporating traditional polyurethane and new SMP technology.

Emer-Proof - A complete range of waterproofing solutions for a variety of external applications.  The range includes waterproofing membranes that are suitable for below and above-ground applications for new and existing substrates, from basement to roof top.

Emer-Clad - More than just a facade membrane coating, Emer-Clad provides a decorative and protective coating on vertical surfaces and is part of a full concrete repair and protective coatings system.

Emer Complete Solution