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Mogo Wildlife Park, situated just south of Batemans Bay in NSW, is a zoo dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. After the devastation to local native wildlife by bushfire, Mogo Wildlife Park decided to construct a south coast native wildlife medical centre to treat injured animals. An existing building was utilised and renovated to meet this requirement. There was concern however about the existing block wall allowing moisture into the newly renovated medical centre. A solution was required to provide protection from water ingress and maintain the existing finish of the wall, which is prevalent throughout the zoo. The other challenge was that the external wall was also part of the gorilla enclosure, so there was only a limited application timeframe available to complete the works.


Emer-Proof Silane Sealer was used on the external wall of the new wildlife medical centre due to its excellent water-repellent properties when applied to bare masonry surfaces. Emer-Proof Silane Sealer is a penetrating sealer and sits within the pores of the substrate, providing an almost invisible finish, and retained the natural appearance of the existing substrate. The Emer-Proof Silane Sealer can be recoated within 2 hours allowing a fast turnaround time and limited the amount of time the gorillas were removed from the enclosure.


  • Emer-Proof Silane Sealer is an impregnating sealer, meaning it is long lasting and does not require recoating for 7 to 10 years, providing a low maintenance solution
  • It also allows the substrate to breathe, which allows moisture vapour to escape out of the structure
  • Emer-Proof Silane Sealer’s clear finish preserved the existing appearance of the enclosure walls
  • Emer-Proof Silane Sealer reduces water absorption by up to 85%
  • Fast recoat time
During cleaning and sealing 
During cleaning and sealing
After application of Emer-Proof Silane Sealer
After application of Emer-Proof Silane Sealer