Project Date:
Completed Boulevard Towers


The Boulevard Towers in Broadbeach, Queensland were undertaking significant building remediation works, including replacement of all apartment balcony doors. The project required construction of new concrete hobs under all balcony doors so that they would be waterproofed in with the balconies. A solution was required to provide a concrete repair mortar that would create the specified hobs and allow removal of form work within hours, not days.


Emer-Patch Horizontal Quick Set was used to construct concrete hobs for the balcony doors. A fast setting, high-strength repair mortar with rapid strength gain provided a quick turnaround time, as the form work could be removed within two hours. This allowed application of the waterproofing membraneand installation of the new balcony doors to proceed without lengthy delays. Emer-Patch Horizontal Quick Set accelerated the entire process and reduced the amount of time apartments were without balcony doors.


•    Emer-Patch Horizontal Quick Set is a rapid strength and fast setting concrete repair mortar
•    Sets after 35 minutes and will accept traffic in 1-2 hours, providing a fast turnaround time
•    Shrinkage compensated providing long-term dimensional stability and durability
•    Excellent bond to concrete substrates